Our Associate Pastor

Jeff Diehl is originally from the Albany, NY area where he grew up attending First Baptist Church of Westerlo. He has served as a missionary in Kosovo with CrossWorld since 2005, returning stateside in 2016. Starting from the age of thirteen through short term missions trips every summer, Jeff soon felt God's call to full time ministry at the age of nineteen. Losing all his possessions in a fire on a mission trip,he was faced with his own selfish intentions and desires for life and went on to graduate from Lancaster Bible College with a BS in both Bible and Inter-Cultural Studies.

After college, Jeff married Deb Bartley, his childhood sweetheart in 2002. Knowing they were both called in Missions, they focused their effort to pay off school and get to the field as they learned how to have a healthy marriage and ministry 'post grad' in the local church. God led them into a close relationship with CrosWorld and engaged them into church planting amongst Muslims in the war-torn country of Kosovo in Eastern Europe. There he helped develop a youth community center, run summer English camps, and love people practically by the living power of Christ. This love soon developed into creating a home building business to provide jobs, coach skills and grow disciples. God has called him back to his home sending church  as the Associate Pastor to help lead younger generations to pursue God at all costs, serving together as an integral part of the family of God.

Jeff and Deb have four children: Emma, Benjamin, Hannah and Mia. They have a home and live in Greenville, NY,